Why White Rock Thermal?

White Rock Thermal LLC, a division of White Rock Technologies, LLC, helps companies and social venues of all kinds address the challenges we all face in a pandemic, and eventually, a post pandemic world. 


To succeed, to thrive, to prosper, or just return to some degree of normal, we must adapt our environments.  This pandemic has threatened our most basic privilege, to stay open, to conduct business, to gather as required to effectively do what we do, or to simply gather in familiar social settings.


Businesses and social settings closed to protect us all.  To reopen, or stay open, we must now continue to protect everyone, even where precautions such as social distancing are not practical or desirable. 

White Rock Thermal partners with industry leading contactless infrared thermal temperature measurement device manufacturers, licensed electricians for installation, and application setup experts to deliver seamless, easy-to-use solutions.

The temperature warning solutions from White Rock Thermal, offer peace of mind that those along side you are not displaying a common symptom of the disease, fever. 

Together with other prudent safety measures we create social and work environments people can enjoy through increased peace of mind.

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